What Kind Of Internment And Memorial Services Would You Prefer After Cremation?

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More people than ever before are choosing cremation over traditional burial. One of the biggest reasons cremation is becoming so popular is because it costs a lot less than the average funeral service. However, several options for unique internment and memorial services are available for cremated remains that is not possible for a traditional burial.

Giving Back To Life After Death

Many people are choosing to have their remains added to memorial reefs underwater so sea creatures can use them to live. Some of the underwater reefs are beautiful and provide a unique way to remember a loved one. If you are considering how you could give back to the environment and help to promote a greater sea life for future generations, choosing to have your cremation interment at a memorial reef is a wonderful option for doing so. Most reefs are designed to have your name on a permanent plate that becomes part of the living reef. This is an especially great memorial for someone that loves the ocean and marine life.

Heading To The Stars

One way you can honor a loved one's dream of space flight is by giving them a burial in the cosmos. Today, you can have yours or loved one's remains sent to space for an eternal flight to Earth's orbit. Options are also available for you to track the satellite carrying your loved one's remains while in orbit. You can also choose space internment that includes your loved one's remains coming back to earth after orbit. If you or someone you love has always wanted to be an astronaut or loves stargazing, this type of internment is a great idea.

Hourglass And Paint For Eternal Remembrance

Having your ashes or those of a loved one put into an hourglass is a unique way of keeping them close. Many people choose this option so they can keep the hourglass in their home for everyone to visit. Also, if you love art, consider having yours or a loved one's ashes mixed into the paint that is used to create a portrait. This is a cool way to keep a loved one's remains close by and have an image of them you can treasure at the same time. If you choose this option for yourself, you can request your portrait to be given to the person of your choice-- a unique and beautiful final gift.

No one likes to think about their own death or their own funeral arrangements. However, by doing so, you can save your loved ones a lot of pain during the time they need for grieving over their loss. By choosing unusual cremation interment, you can also provide your loved ones with an unusual memorial service they will always cherish. For more information, contact a funeral home like Conboy-Westchester Funeral Home Inc to see if they offer these unique services.


1 November 2015

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