What Is A Green Burial?

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When choosing how to handle a loved one's remains, you first need to decide between a burial or cremation. If you are looking for a more eco-friendly option, a green burial may be something to keep in mind. This is a type of burial where the body is not prepared with harsh chemicals during the embalming process. Biodegradable materials are used and the ingredients won't be bad for the environment when the body is being prepared.

17 February 2016

Can The Biological Father Stop You From Giving Up Your Baby For Adoption?

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If you are single and discover you are pregnant, one option you have is to give the baby up for adoption. You may run into problems with this option, though, if the biological father is against this. Biological fathers have rights, but they also have responsibilities and obligations. If you strongly believe that giving up your baby for adoption is the best option for you, you may have to fight against the biological father of the child.

11 November 2015

3 Tips To Picking A Wedding Dress

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Your wedding dress is something that you and many of your guests will remember vividly for years to come after the ceremony. For this reason, ultimately picking the right one for your big day is probably the one decision that every bride-to-be spends the most time thinking about in the months before the decision to made. But it doesn't have to be something that you obsess over to the point of stressing yourself out.

9 November 2015

Three Strategies To Build An Impressive Memorial Table

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When someone is cremated, the surviving family members have the choice of holding a funeral soon after the death or a memorial service in the weeks or months that follow. Many families opt for the latter choice, given that a memorial service is often a more uplifting occasion and the less-rushed date makes travel arrangements easier for out-of-town guests. A key focal point of many memorial services is the memorial table, in which the story of the deceased person's life is told.

4 November 2015

What Kind Of Internment And Memorial Services Would You Prefer After Cremation?

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More people than ever before are choosing cremation over traditional burial. One of the biggest reasons cremation is becoming so popular is because it costs a lot less than the average funeral service. However, several options for unique internment and memorial services are available for cremated remains that is not possible for a traditional burial. Giving Back To Life After Death Many people are choosing to have their remains added to memorial reefs underwater so sea creatures can use them to live.

1 November 2015