What Is A Green Burial?

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When choosing how to handle a loved one's remains, you first need to decide between a burial or cremation. If you are looking for a more eco-friendly option, a green burial may be something to keep in mind. This is a type of burial where the body is not prepared with harsh chemicals during the embalming process. Biodegradable materials are used and the ingredients won't be bad for the environment when the body is being prepared.

What is so bad about traditional burials?

When you bury a body using the traditional route, the chemicals from the body are not only harsh on the employees using them, but for the Earth's surface when the casket goes in the ground. The casket might deteriorate over time, which allows those chemicals to seep into the ground's surface. With soil that might already contain chemicals from whatever insect repellent or weed killer is being used, you may not want to add to it with formaldehyde-containing chemicals.

Why should you choose a green burial?

Going with a green burial is purely based on personal preference, though there are quite a few benefits. Aside from the obvious benefit of helping to save the environment by keeping harsh chemicals out of the ground, you may also save some money in the process. It is also a good option when the deceased was someone who cared a lot about being green. If this was someone who always recycled, used solar energy, and was passionate about lowering their carbon footprint, they might have been someone to choose green burial on their own had they knew it existed. This is a great reason to go this route.

What are different ways a burial can be green?

While many people think about how the body is prepared, this is only one of multiple ways to have a green burial. First off, the body is prepared without using formaldehyde chemicals that are commonly found in embalming fluids. Once the body is prepared, you can then choose a casket that uses all biodegradable and recycled materials, as opposed to the standard wood boxes used for burials. You may also want to choose a greener burial site to further allow for a completely eco-friendly burial. This may be a completely green burial site, or one with areas that only have green burials with no chemicals in the ground and no herbicides used in that area.

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17 February 2016

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